Welcome to The Teapottery

Since we established our business in 1978, our witty and original designs have been sought out by collectors in every corner of the world, from Iceland to Saudi Arabia, from Moscow to Hawaii.

We have made teapots in all kinds of extraordinary shapes: cakes and cocktail bars, bubble-cars and bellhops, radios and radiators, pianos and packing cases, tents and toasters ... even a teatime replica of the front door of No 10 Downing Street. And because each of our teapots is cast and decorated entirely by hand, every teapot we sell is unique and individual. Our off-beat designs have been spotted lurking on the sets of any number of TV shows (Absolutely Fabulous, The Golden Girls ... ), films and even pop videos. The Teapottery itself has featured in countless fashion magazines and newspapers, and has appeared in TV programmes as diverse as Dales Diary, the Japanase Mono Shobu show and Bargain Hunt.

We have even been commissioned to make special teapots by various companies, such as Colman's Mustard, Farrah's Harrogate Toffee, Countdown and of course Aga-Rayburn, whose distinctive stoves turn up in miniature - alongside the beds, dressers, fireplaces, wardrobes, desks and cosy armchairs with which collectors of our pots have been furnishing their tea-tables. The weird and wonderful designs we produce are actually part of a long tradition of craftsmanship. They incorporate all the wit and humour of their predecessors, with the skill and craftsmanship expected of fine English ceramics, and will stand up to a lifetime of brewing. Our standard size teapots give you around 4 cuppas, and the pots in our one-cup range are ideal for everyday use.